Solar street light wireless intelligent monitoring system consists of control center, concentrator, solar wireless collectors and solar street light controller. Via GPRS network and less than 1G-band wireless communication technology, you can remotely monitor and control your solar street light systems, like checking real-time status of street light, turning on/off the light, changing light output power, viewing/analyzing historical data and so on.

System Function

  • Support three monitoring methods, such as global monitoring, map monitoring and real-time monitoring. View the street light on/off, the solar controller status, the battery status, the charge and discharge status and specific parameters anytime.
  • Support remotely setting parameter function: it can set parameter for the street lights in any controller or all the area.
  • Support remotely setting load switch function: it can set the load switch for the street lights in any controller or all the area.
  • Support user-defined timing task: it can be built variety of timing tasks and strategy control for the street lights in any or all the area.
  • Support fault alarm function: the monitoring system will send email to users about fault lamp in the first time.
  • Support historical data record and query function: the monitoring system can save the data of real time monitoring, and it also can search and export historical data based on timer.
  • Support data statistical analysis function: the monitoring system can achieve curve comparison between power generated and power consumed based on day, month or year.
  • Support user-defined right management function: improve flexibility of user right management.
  • Support the upgrade function and lifelong maintenance of software.

System Confirgration

Device Type/Description
Solar Controller LS2024100BPL
Centralized controller Input: DC9-36V
Service qty: 200PCS
Solar Panel 60WP Poly-Crystalline
Controller Micro-processor
over charging/discharging protection
Wireless collector eBox-zigbee-01
Data cable 4 meters
Solar intelligent monitoring software
Server Computer and other devices

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