SJ-SPB-003-48V (10KW system)

Charge Controller  2 years
PV-Module 20 years performance
Inverter 2 years
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20GP 1 kit
40GP 2 kits


Name Description
Rated Voltage 48V DC / 230V AC 50Hz
Max. Power Outputs 40A DC /3000W AC
Max. PV Input 8.5 K WP (205WP * 42 PCs)
Max. PV Voltage 45V
Battery Maintenance free, deep cycle solar batteries
Battery Capacity >96000 Wh (2000AH/2V * 24pcs)
Sine Wate Inverter 3000W/48V * 2 pcs
Charge Controller 40A/48V * 2 pcs
Low Voltage Protection 45.6V
High Voltage Protection yes
Low Voltage Reconnect 50 V

Max Power Consumption / Day: 17.5 KWH

Video Demo

This is a live demo of the cabinet of this solar power station SJ-SPB-003-48V. It has 2 inverters (3000W/48V), 2 MPPT charge controller (40A/48V), and 24 pieces of batteries (2000AH/2V). The whole system can stably support 17.5 KWH power consuption on a daily basis.

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