After focusing on solar lighting solutions for over 12 years, SUNJET is now the market leader and one of the most important vendors in this industry. We have a full spectrum of product lines for solar street lighting as well as various accessories. Meanwhile, we also provide OEM & ODM services.


We can print your brand logo on any SUNJET products, which allows you only expose your brand to your customers. We believe that our high quality products as well as competitive price will help you penetrate your local market and earn a good reputation. We’re looking forward to building up a long term win-win relationship with you via our excellent OEM services.


Based on different sunshine radiation, weather, local environment, aesthetics and so on, we believe that every market is different. So we provide you ODM service with lighting calculations, wind resistance calculations, as well as helping to choose a design for your solar lighting project.

Case Study

This is a project we designed for a customer from Dubai. In middle east area, the sunshine radiation is perfect for solar lighting application. But meanwhile, there are sometimes sand&dust storm which will cause the PV panel to be covered with dust, and hence reduce the efficiency of PV panel dramatically.

For this use case, we designed a special pole which can be lay down with a hydraulic rod, so that workers can wash out the dust from PV panel periodically.