After focusing on solar lighting solutions for over 12 years, SUNJET is now the market leader and one of the most important vendors in this industry. We have a full spectrum of product lines for solar street lighting as well as various accessories. Our products are delivered and installed in more than 30 cities in China, and over 20 countries all over the world, including Brazil, USA, Egypt, Gabon, Italy, Holand, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and so on.

SUNJET consistently manufactures high-quality products, provides best-class service while offering competitive price in the market. All our products conform to ISO9000 and EN standards, and have been certificated by TUV, CE, SONCAP, CCC, COTECNA, SAA, IEC.

Company Organization

SE-SUNJET Group holds two factories (YONGFENG, SE) and one consulting firm (SUNJETPOWER).


YONGFENG New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

YONGFENG New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2004, YONGFENG is a professional solar street light manufacturer. It’s located in Yangzhou city — the manufacturing base of street lights in China. In the past 12 years, YONGFENG exported more than 10,000 kits of solar street lights and solar power systems each year.YONGFENG gets the good reputation on solar street lights and solar home system.


Standard Electronic Co. Ltd.

Standard Electronic Co. Ltd.

SE is a national Hi-tech company in China, specialized in LED lighting products. Its products include LED Tubes, LED outdoor lights. All these products are  high luminous intensity, perfect heat dissipation, long life span, and low light decay. 80% of SE products are exported to more than 100 countries and valued customers include Shell Oil, Fiat Auto, Sheraton Hotel, McDonald’s, etc.


SUNJET New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

SUNJET New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

SUNJETPOWER is a consulting firm which is registered in Hongkong in year 2004. It’s focusing on solar project consulting, design, installation as well as providing post-sales services for all sold solar street lights and solar power systems. SUNJETPOWER is dedicated to providing best-class serviceand building long-term win-win relastionships with all customers.

Our Solar Lighting Solution Benefits

SUNJET Solution
Aluminium housing
Strong and safe
IP65 protection
LEDs for light source
Excellent heat dissipation
High brightness and high efficiency of more than 150lm/W new age LEDs
Optical engineering for uniform light distribution
High efficiency driver
Low power consumption meets IEC standards
Solar panel
Mono/Poly-crystalline solar cells
Mature technology
Improving Efficiency
More Rugged
Ease of availability
GEL Battery
50% Depth of Discharge
Long Life
Polymer/Galvanized battery box
More Types also Available
Lithium Battery
Lead-Crystal Battery
Lead-Carbon Battery
Galvanized pole
Rigid and safe
Corrosion free

Integrated approach for system design extracting best performance from each part

  • Top quality optics
  • optimum thermal management and heat sink design
  • micro-processor based charge controller and led driver maximizes the performance of panel & battery
All the components are optimized for maximum energy efficiency with lowest sizing

More Details

Workshop of PV Panels 1 (TUV certified)

Workshop of PV Panels 2 (TUV certified)

Lithium Battery Workshop

Workshop of GEL Batteries

Illumination Testing of LED

Aging Testing of LED Fixtures

Workshop of Steel Pole Manufacturing

Laser Cutting Machine, Making Exact Dimension

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